Guest Comments

1. I would give our trip a 9. We had a wonderful experience and it allowed us to spend quality time with our children.
2. Please see my thoughts/comments below.

Check-In: The fire in the fire place was a nice welcome! We were immediately greeted and asked if we needed any assistance. Kids loved petting the puppies that were waiting to be loved at the entrance (many tears were shed when I had to tell them we couldn’t take one home). Hannah was great at getting us checked in and super friendly. The kids loved their kites and cookies!

Coyote Cabin: We got lucky with this cabin! I didn’t see the inside of the guestrooms at the lodge, so I have nothing to compare it to. But, we loved having our own fire pit, hammock, tree swing, and a playground right outside our cabin. Plenty of space in the cabin and the beds were wonderful. I wish there was a couch or something comfortable to sit on inside the cabin. When we would return from an activity, we were a mess and the kids would sit on the nice clean beds! Also, the left door as you enter the bathroom would block the sink/mirror. It would be nice if it opened outside of the bathroom. It was very hard to use the mirror (like when drying hair) because the door was in the way. We asked for a box fan, but there were none available. However, one was delivered promptly the next afternoon. Loved the fact that the wood pile was full and kept stocked during our visit! Our toilet was stopped up Wed morning, and we notified the front desk. It was taken care of before we returned from our first activity.

Tuesday Kid’s Party: We dropped the kids off at 5:30 because our dinner reservation was at 5:45. The kids buffet was set up and the staff helped them make their plates. My 11 year old son, Nathan, is a very picky eater. We found out when we picked him up that there was nothing on the buffet he would eat, but the staff made him a jelly sandwich. I really appreciated that! Our dinner was only an hour, and the kids were still in the conference room. They were bored and wanted to go back to the cabin with us so that we could do smores. I think the smore kit is such a nice treat! We asked where we could purchase a duraflame log, and they said they would bring one to us. Almost as soon as we arrived back at the cabin, they were delivering the duraflame!

Tuesday Dinner: The dining room was almost empty. Service was wonderful and the food was good. It was nice to have an adult dinner with no kids! Bread was amazing. I purchased some to take home. We ate it before we arrived home! I wish I would have ordered more!

Breakfast: The breakfast buffet was wonderful! So many choices! Truly a great breakfast!

Zip-Lining / Rock Climbing: We all enjoyed this experience. I think the wait times were reasonable (of course, we were almost first in line). Alan & Wes were friendly and lightened the mood (I was scared to death of zip lining!).

Mule Rental: We all enjoyed the mule rental. The mud and water added so much to this experience! The trail was fun, and we loved the enchanted forest. The climb to the top of Gunn Mountain was a bit challenging for the adults, but once we made it to the top, we all loved throwing the washers in the barrels. I am so thankful that I brought rain boots for all of us. We were a muddy mess! I feel sorry for anyone that did not bring rain boots because the mud was a nightmare!

Tomahawk Throwing / Archery: Fantastic! I wish I remembered the girl’s name, but she was a cute high school student. She was helping us with archery. So sweet and always had a smile on her face! We all loved the tomahawk throwing once we got the hang of it. Wes was very friendly and has a great attitude! All 3 of the men at the tomahawk station were entertaining, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Golf: No balls were available. They had all been hit into the field. The kids did enjoy picking up the balls, but if the kids weren’t with us, we would have skipped this station since there were no balls to hit when we got there.

Wednesday Kid’s Party: I thought that the kids party was from 5:00 – 7:00 in the conference room, and then at 7:00, the kids would be transferred to the Kid’s Ranch for dodge ball and activities. We dropped the kids off at 6:45 so they could eat and then leave. They were bored Tuesday night, so we thought the less time they were in the conference room, the more fun they would have. However, when we picked them up around 9, they were waiting at the window for us. They were bored and didn’t get to play dodge ball (which was something they were really looking forward to). They said that they took them to the Kid’s Ranch at 8:00. Had I known that, I wouldn’t have dropped them off until closer to our 7:45 dinner reservation. My daughter had her hair braided by one of the ladies and it looked wonderful. Based on a review I read online, I expected the kids to beg us to leave them as long as they could stay. I think maybe our kids are getting too old for this type of thing.

Wednesday’s Dinner: After dinner on Tuesday, we determined that our reservation was too early and would interfere with activities. The dining host was kind enough to move our reservations for Wed to 7:45. It allowed us to do so many things in the afternoon. The dining room was much busier at 7:45. I was very surprised with the number of kids in the dining room. I expected a more adult atmosphere. Since there were so many families eating together, next time we will just have our kids eat with us. It wasn’t an adult dinner like we had early Wednesday.

Skeet Shooting / Rifle Range: Alan was our guide and he was wonderful! I totally trusted him and I feel like he was very good with our kids. My son, Nathan, was able to shoot an AR-15 and that was the highlight of his trip! Emilie and Christopher are only nine and were disappointed that they couldn’t shoot. Alan made sure that he knew gun safety and included all of us with how to safely use the rifle. My husband mentioned that Alan is the kind of guy you feel you have known your whole life. It is apparent that he really enjoys his job and he is good at it. The rifle range was a complete mess. The mud in no way compared to the mud on the rest of the property. We could barely walk from the truck to the shooting stations…it was crazy!

Horseback Riding: We really wanted to ride horses, but there were no reservations available. I was told that I should have booked this when I made the room reservation. I understand that due to the weather earlier in the week, the reservations were backed up. Not too big of a deal, but next time I will make reservations when I book the room.

We were sad to leave. We had a wonderful time at Rough Creek Lodge. We will definitely be back in warmer weather to enjoy the pool area and lake activities. My husband is already planning to hunt/fish with Alan in the future! Thank you for allowing us to create a wonderful memory for our whole family!


Dear Paul,
I cannot begin to say how delightful our stay with you was. Being our first time, I did not know what to expect. From the minute we got out of the car and till we left three days later, your staff was courteous, professional and genuine. Great job on the training. If I can say the only drawback was that there were not more amenities in the rooms, for example a full mini bar…
Our kids enjoyed their time too, it was nice that it was quiet and they pretty much had the whole place to themselves.
Being in the business it was a pleasure to see that a business is run this way, very rarely do I experience that on our vacations.
What stood out was the food though, From exceptional flavor, to presentations, truly five star. Kudos to chef Thompson. Thank you for taking the extra care of my daughter who has multiple allergies.
We will be back soon.
If you are ever by this way, please do come and say hello and let me take care of you.

Hi Paul,

John and I would most definitely recommend Rough Creek to anyone. We would give you a 10. This was the first time we have stayed there. The view from our room was great. It was too cold to be on the balcony so we enjoyed sitting by the window watching the ducks in the lake. The chairs were very comfortable and the bed and bedding–super comfortable. We liked that it had a refrigerator in the room. The one thing that would have made the room better would have been a Jacuzzi tub for two.

The other time we were out there was for Valentine’s day last year for dinner. Many compliments to your chef. Our meal on Valentine’s day was above average and we were not disappointed this trip either. The services we received from your staff were above average as well. From the time we arrived until we left, we felt pampered the whole time. We had a wonderful massage, meal, and stay for our Anniversary.


Hello and thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback!

I would rate Rough Creek Lodge a 10+ due to the attentiveness of your staff and the amount of child-friendly amenities provided to our family. I have already highly recommended your resort to friends and I will continue to do so. I cannot express adequately how grateful my husband and I were to be able to drop the kids off at your Kids Club and have a (somewhat) quiet dinner!

The only area I would request improvement is for a separate dining area for those dining without children. We were so happy to go to dinner without the kids only to hear constant chatter, screaming and crying of other people’s children. Besides that, our stay was perfect!

I also want to take the time to thank your staff, specifically Liz and Ivory, for re-uniting us with our IPad after I mistakenly left it at the Lodge. They were both professional, efficient and very helpful!

Thanks, again, for a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you again in the future!

I cannot tell you what an amazing trip we had! On the first day my son asked my husband how long we had been there. My husband answered “7 hours” and my son said “well this has been the best 7 hours of my life!”

I told my husband on multiple occasions that I had never experienced such excellent customer service from every single employee that we dealt with.

Thanks so much for helping us to have such an awesome family vacation. We plan on coming back for years to come!

KT, Dallas

I would recommend RC to all of my friends, family, and associates at Weaver and Tidwell, where I work. It’s a great place for a special occasion, such as my engagement, and is always top notch. My grandmother, xx, I’m Not sure if you know here or not, but she used to take us there every year to go hunting at Christmas, and it is just amazing.

As far as improvements…. I can’t really think of anything…. I had many requests and preferences and wants to make my engagement perfect and the ladies fulfilled all of them and had suggestions along the way to help me.

Thank you and I hope to get to come back soon, just gotta save that cash up haha.


Apologies for the delay, I’ve been traveling considerably.

Regarding your first question, I’m admittedly tormented. On the scale from 1 – 10 regarding the experience, I would give RCL, staff and activities a 15. We thoroughly enjoyed all aspects and the service and amenities was truly stellar. I’m tormented because it’s hard to share a place so special as RCL……. one is tempted to keep the secret to yourself.

The dining experience was magical and we relished each and every evening. Jose was a hit with my family in particular each morning. We made a special effort to find him the morning we left, just to say goodbye. All service was exemplary, but Jose simply radiated each morning and got our day started right – whether he was our wait staff or not.

The only suggestion I could make would be for a toddler-oriented play set at the lodge. The bounce houses were nice, but just a place for toddlers / youth to swing or slide would have been appreciated. We finally found the play set at the cabins, but the convenience simply wasn’t there.

There is no question as to whether we will return. We will, and hopefully soon – despite the 12 hour drive.

I am a third generation owner-manager of a firm that does considerable business globally. I’ve stayed in the most abysmal accommodations to the most opulent. Rough Creek Lodge has become my new hallmark for customer experience, service and attention to detail. I’ve spent many an evening pondering how to apply your principles to my own firm.

My highest compliments.


On a scale of 1 – 10?? I would recommend RCL at 20!!!! The single most answer is CUSTOMER SERVICE!! As a retailer for 36 years, I know customer service and most of it is good at best. RCL is AWESOME!! In fact, we booked next year’s Spring Break before we left your facility!! It was truly wonderful. You are fortunate to have such a wonderful staff helping you create such a positive experience for those of us who need to get away once in awhile!!

Your wrangler was fantastic, your spa staff is tremendous, your Adam and Christi and Donna are UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

See you next year if not sooner!

DM, Flower Mound, TX

Paul – we would definitely recommend RCL to our family and friends. In fact, I have already told at least 10 people what a great time we had and how amazing your staff is. I have never experienced such warm and attentive service. One of your front desk staff even carried my 40 pound 2 year old to my room after dinner one night so I didn’t have to carry him while wearing three inch heels!

My daughter is still talking about how nice it was of “Dr. Paul” to take care of the scratches from the puppy.

We had an amazing time, my kids loved it and we loved it. You guys have family fun figured out!

Looking forward to our next trip,

JC, Grapevine, TX

Dear Mr. Paul Boccafogli:

My two daughters, my sister and I had a wonderful weekend at Rough Creek Lodge. Every person we spoke with was gracious, cordial, and ready to help in any way.
Chase took us out in a truck and showed us around the ranch, and he was delightful! He graciously put up with our sometimes crazy questions and laughed along with us. My older daughter is planning her daughter’s wedding, so he took us by the chapel – which is beautiful! My granddaughter is 10, so it will be a while, but hopefully she will agree to a lovely wedding there!
Your chef and all of the wait staff were amazing. I told my husband it was as if we were surrounded by people just waiting to do our bidding, but they were never obtrusive, and always kind and helpful. The food was delicious and the wine delightful. The chef checked on us the first night, and we were all very impressed with his talents.
I can’t remember everyone’s name, but David who met us when we arrived and got us off when we left represented you well, as did Jennifer at breakfast as she helped us plan a snack for the pregnant daughter in the middle of the afternoon. We spent Saturday in the spa and enjoyed every minute! One of my daughters had just found out that she was pregnant and couldn’t participate in all of the spa activities, but your kind personnel took great care of her, and she still felt very special. Jennifer at the spa was delightful to work with and all of the people in the spa were kind and fun, again representing the company well. They were well informed about the ranch and shared good information with us.
Yes, I would definitely recommend the resort to my friends and other family members.
The rooms were great; however, and here comes the sort of trivial aspect of your second question – when we opened our front outside room door, the bathroom door opened. I’m sure it is just a wind issue or a loose lock issue, but it could have proven embarrassing if it hadn’t been family:)
We are so happy to discover Rough Creek Ranch and look forward to staying with you another time when we can participate more fully in all of the wonderful activities you have available.

Mr. Boccafogli:

Everybody was very helpful and friendly. The Owner’s retreat is fabulous.
Everybody loved it and had a great time. Working with Megan in reservations and Jose in the bar area was a pleasure. They answered all of my questions promptly and completely. We shot 5 stand and had a great time. Our ‘guide’
was perfect, and thankfully very, very patient. Everybody was still talking
about how he helped people improve their shooting Sunday morning. Your
equipment was better than what we all own. WC, the caretaker to the owners retreat was also very helpful and friendly. He came by to make sure we had everything we needed. Housekeeping made a special trip bringing some items that ran out–dish soap and kitchen sponge.

Once again, we had a great time. Your staff is first-class.


Our visit was a 10. Our dinner with family was so nice…from food to service to being seated at a round table. The big comfy chairs add to the pleasant ambiance. Guess this also answers No. 2.


Good Morning:
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Rough Creek. We have actually already spoken with other family members and will most likely plan a family vacation with in-laws, nieces, nephews, etc., later on in the year. The single reason…nicely maintained facility, great food/atmosphere/staff and the ability for your entire family to have a great time in one location.

The one thing we would suggest to change…somehow arrange the dining area during the holidays so that it is not so cumbersome to navigate your way through the tables to get to and/or return to your own seat.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend!


Paul, I tried to meet you this weekend but asked for you after you had left property. My family loves the facility and the services. The scenery, the variety of things to do, and the accommodations/food is top notch, but what makes it is the staff. We have been coming there 3 years now (some business and some with family membership) and folks like Kelcie, Travis, Micah, Denver, Julia, Jeff/Justin at the Berreta room, etc. make the weekend special. I know I am forgetting a few names but the staff is great. My wife and I have recruited the xxx and xxx families from our neighborhood to join in xxxx, plus have the xxxx family from Colleyville on the brink of joining. We talk about it to lots of folks and are trying to plan a family reunion next Summer or Fall there for my extended family of 22. The only thing I think you could add that we would like is a star gazing/astronomy event each night in the parking lot or at the docks.

Will talk and meet you soon as we plan our future trips.

We had a wonderful time at the Lodge
with a rating of 10. Everything was first class! The warm welcome from the staff, the welcome bag that included the personalized boot cookie, our beautiful suite, outstanding food and service and the beautiful surroundings.
Thank you for a great weekend!

JH, Frisco, TX

10 plus!!! Our stay was fabulous! Your staff is incredible & accommodating in every way! We can’t wait to come back! We will recommend it everywhere we go! Thank you. Again you staff, at everything we did, was incredible!

Our recent trip to Rough Creek Lodge was outstanding! It was our first visit, and we plan to return. It is definitely a place that we would recommend to others. We’d certainly rate it as a 10.
Our only suggestion for improvement would be to expand the hiking trail to offer a shorter route.
Thanks for providing my family with such a memorable experience.

Yes I would tell people to go there for a great get away. Reasons….. that’s an easy one
1. Every Single Employee treated you like a king
a. Guys running the zip-line
b. Front desk people
c. Restaurant people
d. Waiters
e. Ben with the horses.
f. Hay ride
2. The Food.
a. Perfect
b. Great selection
c. Prepared beautiful
d. Delicious
e. Impressive
3. The Room
a. We had 2 one was the George Bush Suite – Unbelievable
b. Had adjoining room was very convenient
c. Had flowers delivered for a birthday, was in the room ontime.
d. Housekeeping exceptional

Oh, put me down for a 10.

2) Is there any aspect of your stay, no matter how trivial, that you would recommend that we improve upon? Nothing I can think of. I even enjoyed shopping in the gift shop. Even the people in the parking lot were so pleasant.

Ya’ll should be proud, It was better than hospitality at Disney.
Thank You, we will be back.

MC Alexandria, LA

A “10” alllll the way!!!! I have never had such impeccable service anywhere….we were so impressed and so grateful to everyone from the men who helped us at check in, to the young man Miguel who took us on our trail ride, to the awesome young waiter at last nite’s dinner to Juan this am at breakfast and a precious young lady who made a waffle for us.

The rooms were beautiful. We were downright blown away by our experience and sad to leave, honestly. It is amazing there, and we are soooo looking forward to a return!

Merry Christmas!

RH McKinney, TX

On a scale of 1 to 10, I always give Rough Creek a 10…when I think of Rough Creek, I am thinking of bird shooting.

The single reason is the hunting lodge atmosphere (I know people come to Rough Creek for many non hunting activities, however, I’m sure most people come to Rough Creek to do these activities in a hunting lodge atmosphere. It’s what Rough Creek is.)

Everything was perfect from my perspective, the new rooms are great. 1/10, JD

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the wonderful time that our family shared at the lodge. Everyone had a great time and are already asking when we can return. It was a great Christmas retreat for all of us!

The service was impeccable! We have stayed at many fine hotels and have not experienced such perfection in personal attendance. Even the children commented on how good the service was. My 10yo daughter Alexandra that everyone tried hard to bring us everything that we wanted. My 5 year old Katherine said “ Mom, are they trying to spoil us”? I especially like that every little mistake was immediately overcompensated for with a reward.
The petting corral and especially the equestrian center were what really made the place special for us. We choose the lodge because of the equestrian center. We wanted to be able to have fun with the horses while the guys hunted. Allie is a very experienced rider and thoroughly enjoyed ridding the horses with Dawn and even got to go on a cattle run. She had a fabulous time!

Nicholas and Nick had fun hunting and comment on how every detail was accommodated for. The equipment was first class, even down to the packing of the game, it was all very professionally handled.

The food was outrageous! Although I probably gained 5 pounds, we all enjoyed the meals . Katherine’s tummy is still smiling and Nicholas and I are craving the homemade granola. You’ll have to send me that recipe!
A special thanks goes out to all of you for a job well done. We have made family memories that will last a lifetime.

MD, Louisiana

Dear Paul,

We thoroughly enjoyed our recent stay at Rough Creek! This was our second stay, and our boys are already talking about wanting to go back for spring break.

In response to your questions,

1) On a scale of 1 through 10, would you recommend Rough Creek Lodge and Resort to your friends,
family or business associates? What is the single reason for your answer? 10! In fact, I put a post on my facebook page how much we enjoyed our stay at Rough Creek. If I had to pick the “single” top reason I would recommend RCL, it would have to be how safe I feel with my boys hunting with the experienced guides…..nothing can top safety on my sons while hunting. But, other reasons I would recommend RCL, would be the nice accommodations, the great food and friendly service.

Also, I would like to mention that one of my boys has celiac disease and must follow a strict gluten free diet. He was simply amazed how the restaurant was able to accommodate him….from baking him gluten free muffins to making any dinner gluten free for him. Plus, the fact that the wait staff was knowledgeable about what was gluten free was comforting….so many times they don’t understand it and then I worry if his meal will really be gluten free.

2) Is there any aspect of your stay, no matter how trivial, that you would recommend that we improve upon? OK, I really can’t think of anything. If I had to mention something, it would be that it took a very long time to get hot water in the bathroom. But, it really wasn’t a big deal, and there was a sign to let us know we would have to wait.

Again, we have loved both of our stays at Rough Creek, and hope to return again soon.


Hi Paul. We had a wonderful stay on our last trip, and would definitely recommend Rough Creek… and have several times actually–so the answer is a 10. You have a wonderful staff and should be very proud of them. We will definitely be back!

Definitely a 10! ….the facilities were beautiful, and the weather was perfect, but the number one reason I will highly recommend the Resort is for the PEOPLE. Your staff is one of a kind. With over 20 years experience in the Luxury Hotel industry, I can honestly say, that you hold the standard for customer service. Everyone we encountered, from the housekeeping staff, the restaurant receptionist, the valet staff, to Ed Koch and Chef Gerard, were extremely accommodating and had a truly genuine attitude to make my family feel at home. We could not have asked for anything more. I commend you and your staff for the courteous service provided in all outlets.

ED, Dallas

1) 10–I have already recommended your hotel to my friends on their next visit to Texas. It was an unbelievable experience. Your staff is second to none and deserve the highest compliments for being so warm, genuine, caring and accomodating. As a hospitality professional myself, I only wish I could recruit associates like yours to work in some of my hotels in NYC.

2) It is extraordinarily trivial but my brother and I checked in late at night due to a delayed flight and there were some small technical issues with our room. That said, not having an overnight staff and leaving this to a security manager could be improved. That said, your security manager was dilligent and accomodating., A real pleasure to deal with even at 1am

Directions & Map

5165 County Road 2013/Box 2400
Glen Rose, Texas 76043
GPS Location: N32.6.8806 by W97.51.7614

View Larger Map Download Map

Take IH-35 south from downtown Dallas. Approximately 5 miles south of downtown Dallas take Hwy 67 (Hwy 67 only goes one way, which is south westerly).
You will stay on Hwy 67 for almost exactly 80 miles.
Once you get to Glen Rose (70 miles) you will go 10 more miles (you are still on Hwy 67).
Once you get to the top of a very tall hill you will see a Rest Area on your right.
Slow down to 40 MPH because you are getting ready to take a left turn on County Road 2013 (there is no traffic signal at CR 2013 and you will also see a Rough Creek sign on your right hand side Hwy 67 with an arrow pointing to the left).
Take a left on CR 2013 and go 4 miles.
You will see the Rough Creek gate on your right.
Enter through the gate and go 3 miles and you will arrive at the Lodge.

Take the south airport exit from any terminal.
After going through the toll plaza, move to the right hand lane.
Take the Hwy 183 west/Hwy 360 south exit. After 1 mile, take the Hwy 360 south exit.
Stay on Hwy 360 for 10 miles, you will exit Six Flags Over Texas. Take I 30 west towards Ft. Worth.
You will stay on I 30 for 23 miles until reaching the Chisholm Trail Parkway south near downtown Ft. Worth.
From the downtown area near I-30, take the Chisholm Trail Parkway south for 24 miles.
You will exit on Hwy 67 in Cleburne.
Turn right (south) on Hwy 67.
You will stay on Hwy 67 for almost exactly 33 miles.
Once you get to Glen Rose (22 miles) you will go 11 more miles (you are still on Hwy 67).
Once you get to the top of a very tall hill, you will see a Rest Area on your right.
Slow down to 40 MPH because you are getting ready to take a left turn on County Road 2013 (there is no traffic signal at CR2013 and you will also see a Rough Creek Lodge sign on the right hand side of Hwy 67 with an arrow pointing to the left).
Take a left on CR2013 and go 4 miles.
You will see the Rough Creek Lodge gate on your right.
Enter through the gate and go 3 miles and you will arrive at the Lodge.

From the downtown area near I-30, take the Chisholm Trail Parkway south for 24 miles.
You will exit on Hwy 67 in Cleburne.
Turn right (south) on Hwy 67.
You will stay on Hwy 67 for almost exactly 33 miles.
Once you get to Glen Rose (22 miles) you will go 11 more miles (you are still on Hwy 67).
Once you get to the top of a very tall hill, you will see a Rest Area on your right.
Slow down to 40 MPH because you are getting ready to take a left turn on County Road 2013 (there is no traffic signal at CR2013 and you will also see a Rough Creek Lodge sign on the right hand side of Hwy 67 with an arrow pointing to the left).
Take a left on CR2013 and go 4 miles.
You will see the Rough Creek Lodge gate on your right.
Enter through the gate and go 3 miles and you will arrive at the Lodge.

Take IH 35 north to Waco and exit onto Hwy 6 through Meridian to Hico.
In Hico, take Road 220 north until reaching Hwy 67.
Continue onto Hwy 67 north until reaching County Road 2013.
Turn right (south) on County Road 2013.
Continue south for approximately four miles to the Lodge entrance on your right.
Turn right through the gate and follow the road to the Lodge set off to the right.

Take US-290 W toward AUSTIN.
Merge onto TX-6 N toward COLLEGE STATION/BRYAN.
Take the ramp toward TX-6 N/MERIDIAN/TX-340-LOOP.
Stay STRAIGHT to go onto TX-484-SPUR N.
Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto TX-340 LOOP E/TX-6 N.
Continue to follow TX-6 N.
Turn LEFT onto N MAIN ST/TX-144.
Continue to follow TX-144.
Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto FM 203.
Turn LEFT onto COUNTY ROAD 2014.
Turn RIGHT onto COUNTY ROAD 2013.
5165 COUNTY ROAD 2013 is on the LEFT.

From Austin
Take IH 35 north to Waco.
Exit Hwy 6 west through Meridian to Hico.
In Hico, take Road 220 north until reaching Hwy 67.
Continue onto Hwy 67 north until reaching County Road 2013. Turn right (south) on County Road 2013.
Continue south for approximately four miles to the Lodge entrance on your right.
Turn right through the gate and follow the road to the Lodge set off to the right.

5165 County Road 2013/Box 2400
Glen Rose, Texas 76043
GPS Location: N32.6.8806 by W97.51.7614


Payments can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Diner’s Club.
Gratuities for Bell Staff and Wildlife Staff are discretionary unless noted that they are included within the packages. Gratuities for Food and Beverage Staff, Equestrian and Spa Staff are automatically added for your convenience.
Check in time starts at 3:00 p.m. and our checkout time is no later than 11:00 a.m. Changing facilities, showers and luggage storage are available for early arrivals and late departures.
All Spa Services require a 24-hour notice for cancellations. Unless we receive such notification, you will be billed the full cost of your reserved services.
All activities are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Rough Creek Lodge & Resort Staff may cancel activities if weather conditions warrant. Activity cancellations must be made 2 hours prior to avoid being charged in full. Rough Creek Lodge & Resort does not offer “Rain Checks” due to weather.
Ground transportation to and from Rough Creek Lodge & Resort can be coordinated in advance and will be charged accordingly.
Babysitting can be arranged prior to your arrival at an additional cost.
Rough Creek offers a limited number of kennel spaces for your larger breed of dogs. If you are planning to bring your pet, please call in advance. We must receive veterinary documentation that all shots are current and include Kennel Cough inoculation. $50 per night per dog includes kennel space, feeding with high-quality food and twice a day cleaning. Additional options for kenneling your pets are available nearby in Glen Rose or Granbury.

Rough Creek Lodge welcomes your dog in our Cabins and Guest Homes (Other than the Owners House and the Residences, where no pets are allowed). If you plan to bring your pet, you must call in advance. In-room pets must be less than 40 pounds and kept in a pet carrier.

Service Animals are always welcome. Dogs, pets and other animals, trained or untrained, whose sole function is to provide comfort, companionship or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the law, and they are not permitted in guestrooms, the restaurant, pool areas and other public spaces.

We do not allow pets in guestrooms at the Main Lodge as a courtesy to our other guests. Any guests found with pets in guestrooms at the Main Lodge will be asked to kennel their pet or find accommodations elsewhere for the pet. No refunds or credits will be given for your room rate or package should you decide to depart the lodge prior to your scheduled check out day.

Your pet is to always be attended to while in your Cabin or Guest Home. Pet-sitting services can be arranged for $15 per hour with a four-hour minimum. Any pets that disturb other guests due to excessive barking or similar activity will be asked to kennel the dog in our covered kennel or find other accommodations for your pet.

Housekeeping will not enter the room to clean or perform turndown services unless the pet is out of the Cabin or Guest House or is crated.

While on Rough Creek Lodge grounds, your pet must be on a leash. Pets are not allowed in the Main Lodge, Terrace, Pool, or Spa areas.

Owners are responsible for pet clean up. Do not use areas near the Main Lodge, Guest rooms, Beretta Room, and other guest areas. Please take your pet to the area west of the tennis court.

A $100.00 one time charge plus $25 per night per pet will be assessed at check-in and the front desk must be notified prior to your arrival. Maximum number of pets is two. Any damages will be assessed and will be charged at time of checkout. If damages are found after your departure, you will be notified within 24 hours of the charges.

A pet towel is provided for cleaning. Do not use bath towels for this purpose. Pets are not allowed on any beds. We provide a mat for pet use. Do not use bed linens, towels, or the comforter as pet bedding.

Rough Creek Lodge maintains a strict non-smoking policy. Outdoor seating is available on porches and balconies where smoking is permitted. Any infringement on this policy will result in the assessment of damage fees. To avoid unexpected charges, please inform your group of our policies and ask them not to smoke inside their sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, or public areas.
Additional policies may apply; contact the Wedding Manager for the latest details and up-to-the-minute information. Certified Wedding Consultant
Rough Creek Lodge & Resort requires a 50% deposit at time of booking when scheduling a hunt. We enforce a 14 day cancellation policy for ALL hunts. No refunds are made for cancellations made within the 14 day cancellation policy and cancellations will result in full payment of hunt. Additional policies may apply; contact the Wildlife Sales Manager for the latest details and up-to-the-minute information. 
Teka Paul, 
Wildlife Sales Manager

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RCL reserves the right to make changes, corrections and improvements to the site at any time without notice. No part of this internet site may be reproduced in any form without obtaining written consent of Rough Creek Lodge. Additional policies may apply; contact the Webmaster for additional information.


Opportunities available. Positions are not open in every area, so contact Human Resources for the latest information.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Cooks
  • Housekeeping
  • Administrative
  • Guides
  • Conference
  • Maintenance


  • Good people skills are our primary consideration.
  • Hair Drug Testing is required.
  • Current Resumé
  • Three written references
  • Complete Application

Applications are available at the Administration Building at Rough Creek Lodge, or as a downloadable PDF.
Contact Human Resources 
by email: 
by phone, 254-918-2500 
or in person at the Administration Building at Rough Creek Lodge, Mon – Fri, 9am – 4:30pm.

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Toll-free: 800-864-4705
Local: 254-965-3700

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